New Top Score of All Time: Ketta

eyewire neurons

All hail Ketta, EyeWire’s new top scoring player of all time!

Coming in with an astonishing 1.8 Million points, ketta is now 120,000 points in front of our #2 top scoring player, the venerable @jamiexq.

How high is the top when it comes to points in EyeWire? Well, there are now 7 players in the Millionaire’s Club: ketta, jamiexq, a5hm0r, jinbean, buco, susi and dhill23.  Reb1618 is less than 20,000 points away. She’s in line to make to leap to Forbes List of EyeWire..are you?

Speaking of accomplishments, personal stats are coming soon…this week, we hear. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest!

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