New Science Publication from Sebastian Seung Finds Variation in Axonal Myelination

Distinct Profiles of Myelin Distribution Along Single Axons of Pyramidal Neurons in the Neocortex Giulio Srubek Tomassy,1 Daniel R. Berger,2,3 Hsu-Hsin Chen,1 Narayanan Kasthuri,2 Kenneth J. Hayworth,2 Alessandro Vercelli,4 H. Sebastian Seung,3 * Jeff W. Lichtman,2 Paola Arlotta1

A new publication from Seung Lab (coauthored by Sebastian Seung and former lab member Daniel Berger) is out today in Science.

Daniel found that individual neurons have variations in axonal myelin (insulation) where often long “myelinated sections are interspersed with long, unmyelinated tracts.” Myelin distribution is an “integral feature of neuronal identity and may have evolved as a strategy to modulate long-distance communication in the neocortex.”

Read the full text here.

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