Mystics Rising: Awards

Congratulations to everyone on their mighty feats in this last competition! If you missed the closing ceremony, here are the results, with the full rundown also linked here. As usual, we’ll have the promo list in our June stats post. And this time around, scroll past the awards list below to see what the official Hunt mergers looked like!

Accuracy Happy Hours


Ranking is determined first by total bonus earned, then by mergers found (including extras), then by success rate.


Water vs. Electronics


All Participants


Hunt Photos

The 12 photos below are of the official, intentional mergers on the Hunt cell. As you may have noticed, there were a lot of accidental ones this time, including a couple of screamingly obvious ones. This was our first Hunt in a while; we’ll have a stricter cell-cleaning process in the future, and we may also revise what counts as an accidental merger or how sensitive the bot is. But notably, there were still only five people who found the 12 mergers that HQ planted on purpose! Which ones here look familiar?

Red cubes are the planted mergers, frozen cubes are their children (or, in one case, the nearby cell body).

If you’d like to see the exact cube IDs and coordinates, these are available on the awards sheet linked up top.

For science!!!