Memorial Day Happy Hours + Winners

Freedom Happy Hours EyeWire, eyewire

Celebrate freedom with six special happy hours on Monday, May 26.

9 am | noon | 3 pm | 6 pm | 9 pm | 11 pm

Duration: 60 minutes each

Complete 25 cubes and win +1,500 points

Complete 50 cubes and win +3,000 points

Win an extra +1,500 points for every 25 cubes you do beyond 50.

Do the most cubes and we’ll double your score.  

Place 1st in multiple happy hours and win an extra 3,000 points for each happy hour after your first.

Crazybot will run the competitions — keep an eye in chat for leaderboards. Points will be awarded on Tuesday.


Points have been awarded. Check out the full leaderboard by DannyS here. Congratulations to the winners:

9 am: Nseraf (130 cubes)

7 winners

noon: ronin (29 cubes)

12 winners

3 pm: MaraTara (58 cubes)

6 winners

6 pm: Nseraf (71 cubes)

7 winners

9 pm : galarun (57 cubes)

5 winners

11 pm: b_hailey (48 cubes)

4 winners

Nseraf won two happy hours, bringing in an extra 3K. Special shoutout to mamateresa, the only EyeWirer who won bonuses in all 6 happy hours!

Thanks for playing and we’ll see you online at!

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