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You are cordially invited to beta test a new experimental feature in Eyewire 3D: Magic Mode.

Magic Mode allows you to interact directly in 3D. Simply click any point on the branch in your cube to add the segment directly adjacent to it.

Enable Magic Mode:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select More
  3. Toggle on Experimental Features
  4. Click Start Playing
  5. Hit the f key (f for full-screen)

Voila, the 2D slides away, leaving you with a clean cube to map straight in 3D! Toggle back and forth by pressing f.

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Playing in Magic Mode is a strategically different than regular play.

Look for flat or jagged edges. Neurons are natural and smooth. If you’re looking for a place to start adding 3D segments, start with large planes and rough boundaries.

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Zoom liberally. Zoom waaaay in to see wireframe meshes of the segments you’re adding. This is helpful when matching little missing pieces to divots in the branch

Use Alt+Click to center rotation on the piece you’re working with. Holding CNTRL hides the magic mesh preview.

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Toggle back and forth. If you should need to see 2D, switching back and forth between traditional and magic mode is as easy as pressing the key.

Tiny segments are easier to add using 2D. Multiselect does not yet work in magic mode. If you come across a cube with a load of dust, it may be easiest to map it using traditional Eyewire.

We’re launching this beta feature with the hopes of incorporating your feedback into future iterations. If you use this experimental mode, we would love to hear from you! Please send feedback, bug reports, and feature requests to support@eyewire.org.

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