Introducing Multiselect

Have you ever wished your cursor in the 2D could select more than one pixel at a time? Welcome to the future: multiselect.

Previously on EyeWire, to select any segment, you would click on a pixel in the 2D and then this would highlight both that pixel and anything the AI thought was connected to it. Now, you still have this option, but you can also make the cursor area larger, meaning that if there are separate segments that can all be encompassed by your cursor, you can select all of them at once. You will most likely find this useful for quickly filling in giant boutons or erasing big mergery messes, but you may just as easily employ this tool in ways that HQ never even imagined. We’re excited to see how this improves everyone’s gameplay.

To engage multiselect, you have a few options.

Keyboard + Mouse: The cursor can now become four different sizes (1 px, 25 px, 50 px, and 100 px).

Keyboard Only: For trackpad users or WASD scrollers, you can hit Q to make the cursor smaller, or E to make the cursor bigger.

Settings: If you aren’t such a fan of keyboard controls, you can click your Settings icon (the gear) and use “Brush Size” to select which of the four cursor sizes you would like for the present task, as shown below.

Screenshot from 2015-12-31 18:49:08

That’s about all there is to it! Remember that any segment your larger-size cursors cover will be selected, so for moments when you need finer motor control, the 1 px cursor is still very much your friend. Also, we should warn that Linux users who play EyeWire on Chrome may have some problems using the largest size; we’ll be patching that as soon as we can, but in the meantime we wanted to release this for everyone else.

Bonus Feature: If you are a big fan of keyboard controls, hovering your cursor over the 2D and hitting SHIFT + ALT + scroll will zoom the 2D in and out. There’s no panning yet, but that will be added in the future as well.

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