June Promotions are Coming!

Eyewirers!  It’s your time to shine!  You’ve been building up your skills for months, and now is the time to start showing them off.  Request a promotion to Scout, Scythe, Mentor, or Mod and if we think you have what it takes, we’ll help you level up!  +1 Science Power!


Our next round of promotions will be on Friday, 7/1 at 4 PM EDT following the closing ceremony to our next major competition (theme revealed tomorrow!).  If you would like to be considered for promotion please apply no later than Thursday, 6/30 at 12 PM EDT.

For those who receive a promotion there will be a Scouts & Scythes training session via an open Google Hangout with rprentki between 5:30 and 11:59 PM EDT on 7/1.

For more info about these promotions, click here. For science!


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