Infographic: Scale of the Brain

EyeWire, and FEI teamed up to host a scale of the brain infographic competition. Check out the winning graphic below or explore more on the blog.

Special thanks to our judges:

Elise Andrew (I F*ing Love Science)
Jen Christiansen (Scientific American)
Christopher Jobson (Colossal)
Derek Muller (Veritasium)
Maria Popova (Brainpickings)
Sebastian Seung (Neuroscientist, EyeWire, MIT)
Logan Smalley (TED-Ed)
Mackenzie Thomas (Google+)
Bradley Voytek (Neuroscientist, UCSD)

Spatial Scales in the Brain

Designed by Chris Whittaker and Laura White of Ashfield Healthcare Communications, and Craig Armstrong of CreativeFusion. Competition organized by EyeWire, Amy Robinson and Drew Skau.
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Tile image gallery:

Inspired by gamers mapping the brain at

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