Monthly EyeWire Stats: May 2014

Nseraf Top Monthly Score EyeWire


May 2014 is a huge month for EyeWire!

Your first scientific discovery was published in Nature and EyeWire debuted a scale of the brain infographic. EyeWire was featured in news outlets ranging from NPR to NBC to the New York Times (twice!) and released team competitions with Lore of Kor.


You completed 15 neurons this month: 5 Mystery Cells and 10 Starbursts!


We welcomed 11,469 new players from 67 different countries into the EyeWire community, bringing our total number of players to over 135,000! Together you completed 271,233 cubes (triple a typical month!) and won a staggering 16,841,971 points. 

EyeWire’s top monthly score, previously held by @twister2, was blown away by @Nseraf with over 2.3 million points. @twister2 followed in 2nd place for the month in points with nearly 800K.

Nseraf decimated in validations as well, completing 20,416 cubes. @twister2 and @galarun came in 2nd and 3rd with 5,700 and 5,191 cubes, respectively. 

Our top daily score was beaten not one or two but three times! @a5hm0r is the new record holder with over 152K points scored in 24 hours.

Welcome @pkeoughan, @aesanta1 and @faunhaert to the millionaire’s club!

Ash Top Daily Score EyeWire


Spatial Scales in the Brain

by EyeWire.
Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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