Grim’s Haunted Carnival: Trivia

eyewire, citizen-science, trivia, fortune-teller

Phew. You need a bit of a break from carving away mergers on the carousel! Walking back down the midway to stretch your legs (and mind!), you notice an enticing tent dripping with rich fabrics, lit from within by a mesmerizing glow. The sign above it reads FORTUNE TELLER.

It seems irresistible; you can’t help wandering over and stepping through the drapes to see what awaits within. As it happens, the tent’s inhabitant is another neuromonster, this time floating with a crystal ball in hand.

“Welcome,” it says, expression cryptic yet beguiling. “In this place you do not ask questions of me, for I ask them of you. Only then shall you come to know yourself. Do you dare to answer?”

Of course you do.

Trivia How-To: The bot will start firing off questions at 11:00 AM EDT on 10/21 and continue until 11:00 AM EDT on 10/23, at which point things will finish with a power hour till noon. Submit your answers by typing them into the chat box. Optional: you may submit answers privately by messaging @inquizitor if you do not want other players to see your responses. To do this, type /pm inquizitor before your message.

Swag (generously sponsored by @susi): The top scoring player will win 1 mug and 1 sticker sheet! Second and third place each also win sticker sheets.

Bonuses for each question

1st to answer – 300 points
2nd to answer – 200 points
3rd to answer – 100 points

Artwork by Daniela Gamba & Zach Herman