Grim-mas Cup Playoffs

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We hope you had fun during the Qualifiers! 9 teams will now be moving on to the Playoffs, so check your notifications for up-to-date details!

The Playoffs run for 48 hours from Thursday, December 12th at 11 AM ET to Saturday, December 14th at 11 AM ET.

During the Playoffs:

  • 9 teams will compete
  • All teams compete during the same 48 hours
  • The starting lineup will consist of the 3 best players on each team
  • Points earned by the starting lineup with be doubled when added to the total team score
  • The starting lineup players will earn 100% of their their base score in bonus points
  • All other players will earn 50% of their score in bonus points
  • The MVP on each team will earn an additional 5000 points
  • The bottom 3 teams will be eliminated at the end of the round

For team spirit! For science!