Geometry Party: Plane Geometry vs Solid Geometry

It’s time for another intense competition, this time between figures that live in multiple dimensions!

Whether you to get back to basics with some nice lines and polygons, or whether you like to make it 3D with a complex polyhedron, there’s a geometric figure here for everyone!

If you wanted to get even crazier, you could expand into even greater dimensions where hyperspheres and polytopes live! But, we’ll save those for a future competition. For now we’re sticking to the observable world, so pick your favorite of our current dimensions and let the battle begin!

Plane Geometry

Plane geometry studies figures that exist in up to two dimensions. This includes points, lines, and flat shapes like circles and polygons. Anything that can exist on a 2D plane. Because we as humans exist in a 3 dimensional world, we observe plane figures “from above,”  meaning we are outside observers looking onto the plane. This makes intuitive insights into plane geometry a little easier for us. With a pen and paper we can draw and measure plane shapes easily.

Solid Geometry

Solid geometry studies shapes that exist in 3D space. These shapes can be polyhedra, or non-polyhedra. That is to say, shapes where all faces are polygons, or shapes which have one or more curved surfaces. Calculus is used to figure out the volume of solids. Here are some formulas for the volume of a few simple solids:

cone br2πh/3
cube a3
cylinder br2πh
pyramid lwh/3
sphere 4πr3/3

So whether you like the simple beauty of flat figures on a plane, or are ready for some more complex calculations with solid shapes, this is the competition for you! Pick your team, and get ready for a battle more geometric than any before it!

The face-off begins August 23rd at 11 am and runs for 48 hours!

Swag (made possible by generous donations from past player @susi): The top scoring player on the winning team wins their choice of tote bag or t-shirt! Also, among the top 50% of players on the winning team, 1 player will be raffled their choice of face mask, notebook or mug, and 3 more players will be raffled a magnet.


  • Starting Lineup – top 3 players on each team, who earn 75% of their score in bonus points
  • All Other Players – earn 50% of their score in bonus points
  • Winning Team – 20,000 additional points
  • Each Team’s MVP – 5,000 additional points

The winning team is determined by average points per player, with 2x weight given to Starting Lineup players. To qualify for any of the above bonuses or affect the team score, players must earn a minimum baseline of 2,000 points.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba