Geek Week Games: It’s a Wrap! Winners, a New Neuron Name and More

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Congratulations to the Geek Week Gamers!

Together, you completed 4 complete neurons (a new record!) and 53,874 cubes. During the Geek Week Games, 2,377 new players joined EyeWire. Together you all racked up the a combined 5,223,427 points.

You win naming rights! 212 people from 24 different countries completed over 50 cubes each, earning a vote to name each of the neurons discovered during the games. They’ll be voting on names over the next couple weeks – stay tuned to the blog and social pages for updates.

Congrats to the 29 players who completed over 300 cubes with >80% accuracy during the Geek Week Games, winning the right to nominate a name for a real neuron.  Naming is already underway and today we’re pleased to announce the official name of the first neuron!

The EyeWire community voted to name the first Starburst Neuron completed during the games EWCS (EyeWire Citizen Science Neuron). This name was nominated by @rinda. See how the votes stacked up below. What will the next neuron be called? Share your ideas in chat!

neuron naming votes, eyewire

Check out the infogram below for Geek Week Stats from the top players or check out this doc for full numbers.

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