Eyewire Release Report 9/29/2017

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Happy Friday! From this point on, we’re going to be publishing these release reports with all changes on Eyewire since the last report, even if there was a separate post about something big. That way you get a comprehensive picture of everything new from the last few weeks.

  • We’ve released Reap from Review, coupled with a new reaping/flagging UI and an improved version of the new Scythe Vision heatmap. Full details here! The parent/children highlight color has also been brightened a bit since that initial release.
  • For Mystics, we may have resolved the segment grenade bug by deleting those “volatile” cubes. Some cubes need to be reviewed; @celiad can give you the sheet. We will be monitoring to see if anything like this occurs again.
  • Not so much a feature as a means for new features: our inventive player-developers have joined HQ’s special Slack channel to stay in closer dialogue about Eyewire’s blossoming array of scripts and extensions!
  • Lastly, feel free to check out our new suggestion box for players. This is HQ’s new and improved method of documenting feature requests and player bug reports! Full instructions are found through the link.

Please note that you will have the smoothest Eyewire experience if you use the most recent 64-bit version of Firefox or Chrome, a recent operating system like macOS High Sierra/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

Next report will be in a couple weeks, though in the meantime you may see new feature posts anyway. For science!