New Scout and Scythe Feature: Reap from Review and Fresh UI/UX

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We’re excited to share that Cube Review has a new feature for Scouts and Scythes: you can now Flag or Reap directly from Review!

If you Reap from Review, all the segments shown are added to your Reap. That means if you see a cube with a bunch of red incorrect pieces or yellow missing pieces, they are added to your Reap unless you remove them.

You’ll probably also notice a sweet new Reap UI:

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Icons in a clean dashboard replace the old buttons.

Single click now moves the plane in 3D. Double click jumps to parent/child cube.

New UI icons, from left:

Show Parent, Show Child, Reap, Delete Trace, Delete Seed.

When a cube is a duplicate, the Dupe icon will appear to the right of Delete Seed.

Here’s a video walk-through:

Review mode defaults to Reaper UI for Scouts and Scythes. You can toggle between Inspect and Review. To move on without Reaping, click the blue Complete icon or just hit Enter.

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A look at what we left behind:


one last look at the old Reap UI

Heatmap Update

Thanks for all your forum feedback on the new heatmap colors. With this release we have updated the heatmap as follows:

  • Base (formerly Normal) has become more teal for starker contrast from Scythe
  • Admin is now yellow
  • Scout is now orange
  • Dupes are now red

Complete, Scythe, and Frozen remain unchanged.

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