Eyewire Release Report 4/22/2016

EyeWire Neurons HD

As detailed here, every few Fridays we’re sharing which bug fixes and tiny features our developers have released into the wild. Apart from bigger changes that have received their own posts, here are the releases on Eyewire since the last report.

  • The random segments bug that popped up last month should now really, truly be fixed.
  • The jump-to-duplicate button should now appear for Scythes in their Toolbox panel.
  • Last week a very brief issue occurred with using left & right click functions in the cell overview. This may only have been noticed by admins at HQ, but either way, it is fixed.
  • We have hopefully fixed the laggy/error-prone skip cube button.
  • We have deployed a fix for a bug among Chrome 50 users, wherein a cube might partially or incorrectly load, or might not load at all.
  • We also deployed a fix for users failing to receive the “out of cubes” message when they should have.
  • Periodically some users were not seeing a wireframe for their cube in 3D, but now they should.
  • At one point in the past, Scythe points did not necessarily account for the point tally of flagged cubes when the player had previously been a Scout. Now Scythes should see a tally in their Scythe column that includes all flagged and scythed cubes since they were first promoted.

Next report will be in a couple weeks, though in the meantime you may see new feature posts anyway. For science!

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