Eyewire Release Report 2/16/2018

Happy Friday! Here are all changes on Eyewire since the last report, even if there was a separate post about something big, so that you have a comprehensive picture of everything new from the last few weeks.

  • We’ve gotten the Activity Tracker and Review Mode more in sync with each other, and this process involved changing the threshold at which segments are added to consensus. One side effect is actually that in certain circumstances you may earn more points than you did in the past, but if you’d like some more extensive details, read here. (Note: the consensus threshold change did not deploy 100% correctly, and we didn’t figure this out for a little while, so some players reported consensus anomalies. We believe this has now been resolved.)
  • We fixed a bug where people attempting the Level 2 tutorial were never allowed to finish it. Yikes! Glad that’s gone.

Please note that you will have the smoothest Eyewire experience if you use the most recent 64-bit version of Firefox or Chrome, a recent operating system like macOS High Sierra/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

Next report will be in a couple weeks, though in the meantime you may see new feature posts anyway. For science!