Activity Tracker Fix & Consensus Adjustment

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Have you been looking forward to the Activity Tracker properly matching Review Mode? Have you ever felt robbed of points when tracing a poorly trailblazed cube? Did you ever imagine these issues could be connected? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, read on!

Here’s the short version of what we’re about to do:

  1. Accuracies in the Activity Tracker have sometimes been failing to match accuracies in Review Mode because the Activity Tracker does not correctly account for how your trace actually gets put into consensus.
  2. Our solution, of course, is to change the code that the Activity Tracker relies on for presenting accuracy info; this code is the scoring code.
  3. The change to the scoring code will not affect actual metrics for your points. However, properly including your trace in consensus (instead of comparing it against the existing consensus) will mean that in certain instances you wind up getting higher scores than in the past. Whee!
  4. In the course of this change, we’re also adjusting the threshold of agreement for adding segments to cube consensus, such that if 2 enfranchised players play a cube, only 1 of them has to add a segment for it to be included, which may further contribute to scores that are higher— and fairer.

A fuller, more technical explanation can be found here on the forum, and if you have questions about anything you may find the answer there, but certainly feel free to leave a new comment if you’d like additional clarification. In the meantime, we’ll have this fix for the Activity Tracker today, and the scoring/consensus adjustment will premiere on an upcoming cell this week. For science!