Eyewire Release Report 1/15/2016

EyeWire Neurons HD

As detailed here, every other Friday we’re sharing which bug fixes and tiny features our developers have released into the wild. Apart from bigger changes that have received their own posts, here are the releases on Eyewire since the last report.

  • A fix for the bug that was causing some players to witness their cell overview scrolling wildly.
  • A fix for the bug that had lost the Scythes’ ability to identify duplicate segments or jump between duplicates in Inspect. Scythes can once again figure out exactly what’s wrong with a duplicate and (usually) remove it.
  • SFX and chat volume controls are now completely separate. Previously you could only silence SFX and sacrifice chat sounds in the process; now you can silence just SFX or just chat sounds.
  • The maximum size multiselect cursor should no longer produce “crashing piano” chime sounds while tracing.

Next report will be in two weeks, though in the meantime you may see new feature posts anyway. For science!

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