Eyewire Release Report 10/20/2017

Happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a points-packed week. Here are all changes on Eyewire since the last report, even if there was a separate post about something big, so that you have a comprehensive picture of everything new from the last few weeks.

  • Mystics, if you missed the news earlier, seg grenades are no more!
  • Some further Inspect/Review UI tweaks have been made. The “Reap” button is now blue (with a green “Move On” button in Review), the “Show Parent” and “Show Children” buttons turn purple when activated, and the “Jump to Duplicate” button is now red with a simpler/un-broken design. For cubes with multiple duplicates, clicking the “Jump to Duplicate” button will show a list of cubes to choose from; this also applies now for the “Jump to Duplicate” button in the Toolbox for overview.
  • By popular request, in zfish cubes Mystics can now choose whether to view the segmentation using regular Eyewire colors or using MSTY’s rainbow scheme. There are advantages to either. To view the rainbow colors, open the MSTY slider and adjust to your preferred threshold. To view regular Eyewire colors, close the MSTY slider.
  • We now have two spawners: one for e2198 and one for zfish. Hopefully this means problems with one data set will now minimally impact the other!

In terms of integrating further player hacks, the latest status is that @JousterL has generously compiled an up-to-the-moment hack list, and we are in the process of determining what we can add to Eyewire proper (and how, and when).

Please note that you will have the smoothest Eyewire experience if you use the most recent 64-bit version of Firefox or Chrome, a recent operating system like macOS High Sierra/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

Next report will be in a couple weeks, though in the meantime you may see new feature posts anyway. For science!