Seg Grenade Cleanup – Take 2!

Hello Mystics!

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The seg grenades have finally perished!  Huzzah!  But in their wake there is much cleanup to be done.  Here’s how you can help.

  • You will find a new list of grenade cubes on the same spreadsheet we used for the last round of cleanup.  If you do not have access to this spreadsheet and you are Mystic, just ask someone for a link in Mystics channel, or email us at and we’ll get you set up 🙂
  • Chris has deleted all the bad cubes and replaced them with shiny new cubes!  To activate these new cubes you will need to:
    • Grab the parent cube from the seg grenade list
    • Check and reap the cube (most of these cubes will already have a complete trace)
    • Turn on MSTY and wait for things to start growing.  In many cases there will be one or two brand new cubes, followed by some previously reaped cubes.  If MSTY does not start growing the cube, you may reap the cube at weight 0 to help the branch get started
    • Check to make sure the branch is complete.  Add anything that needs to be added
    • Complete the branch
    • Move on to the next cube ID
  • Do NOT touch any of the cube IDs from the last batch.  Those cubes are no longer active, and touching them with bring them back from the dead.  We don’t want zombified grenade cubes wreaking havoc in Eyewire!
  • Any cubes that are status “10” are frozen cubes.  Please leave these for admins, as Mystics do not currently have the ability to unfreeze cubes.
  • There are a small number of cells from our last batch that needed to be rolled back due to an error with the original grenade fix.  I don’t have that data yet, but when I do I will add it to the seg grenade spreadsheet on a 2nd page.  Please look for your username, and if it’s there, please check the noted cells and make sure they are complete/add in any missing branches.  There is not a hard deadline for this so you may take your time, but I would prefer if we could get these guys cleaned up within the next few weeks.