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It’s been an epic 5 weeks in EyeWire OnFire. Together you completed over 103,000 cubes (67,800 starburst cubes) and 8 starburst neurons. 3,816 new players joined EyeWire, bringing our community total to 90,000 people! 30 players (34% of week 1 contenders) completed EyeWIre OnFire and together won 3,550,000 bonus points o.O

EyeWire OnFire was officially declared complete at midnight on Saturday, November 9th. Watch the awards ceremony below or scroll down for stats.

As you know, there were BIG bounties up for EyeWire OnFire.

50 cubes per week wins 25K bonus

100 cubes per week wins 50K bonus

500 cubes per week wins 200K bonus

1,000 cubes per week wins 500K bonus

Players had to complete a certain number of cubes each week for the entire duration of the challenge. Below are the final results (check your cube count here and explore weekly breakdowns here).

The brackets are broken down below:

starburst neuron branches, eyewire


Three EPIC players completed the 1,000 cube per week category. This is no small task — and they win no small reward. @tek50, @galarun and @jinbean each win a 500,000 point bonus. CONGRATULATIONS! These three people together earned 1.5 MILLION bonus points. 60% of week 1 contenders in the 1K cubes category successfully completed this division.

Username Total OnFire Cubes
tek50 7969
galarun 5851
jinbean 5188

starburst neuron branches, eyewire


Four players finished EyeWire OnFire in the 500 cube per week category: @marhav, @melodiebenford, @susi and @tiikerikani. Together, these players win a total of 1 MILLION bonus points or 200,000 points each. 25% of week 1 contenders finished out OnFire in this category.

Username Total OnFire Cubes
susi 3685
tiikerikani 2834
marhav 2670
melodiebenford 2659

starburst neuron branches, eyewire, green


21 players finished EyeWire OnFire in the 100 cube per week category. Together, they earn 1 MILLION bonus points, or 50,000 points each. 35% of Week 1 Contenders finished out OnFire in the 100 cube division.

Username Total OnFire Cubes
a5hm0r 3139
twister6284 2912
sappygoblin 2638
rinda 2630
peggyu 2317
rogis1 2294
grizle 2125
charleskoch 2097
sdunn61781 2007
clarrisani 1371
sherryhamm 1028
keshlam2 1022
damocles357 991
viegho 956
lynnschlos 946
mamateresa 848
Passiflora 816
dataminerstarr 778
psimka 768
kimjones1979 583
skl6284 558

starburst neuron branches, eyewire, blue


Surprisingly, only 2 players (2% of week one contenders) completed EyeWire OnFire in the 50 cube division. Shoutout to @sneakybaron who completed 1,033 cubes and @shannonlevine who completed 510 cubes – you’re both receiving 25,000 bonus points.

We’ll see you online at eyewire.org tomorrow for Friday happy hour from 2 to 4 pm. Be sure to stick around for the awards ceremony at 4 where we’ll give away 3.5 MILLION BONUS POINTS. And as always, thanks for playing.

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