EyeWire Features Developed by Players

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EyeWire Features Developed by Players

EyeWirers (@nkem and @crazyman4865) have recently begun building chatbots and developing on top of EyeWire. Today, we’re excited to share two new point-based features from crazyman.

1. EyeWire Country Visualization

Top countries by all-time points, including number of players who have scored. To view this map without USA (so you can see color spectrum for other countries) use this URL.

2. Daily Aggregate Points

This is a near real-time chart of total points scored in EyeWire on a daily basis. Stats reach all the way back to April 21, 2012, when EyeWire first went into public beta!

 EyeWire Points per day april14

Stay tuned for a post later this week featuring both @nkem and @crazyman4865 as they explain their bots and features!

See you online at EyeWire.org

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