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Eyewire Brain Zoo: Primate Trivia

Let’s round the corner to the Primate Sanctuary, where our closest cousins in the animal world will greet us! Primate Trivia Aug …

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Live Overview

We’re excited to launch Live Overview, a feature that shows the real-time game activity of other Eyewirers directly on the cell. Regular …

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Beta Test: Live Player Overview

It’s finally time to beta test the most requested feature by players: live player overview. This feature brings the overview to life …

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Team Phoenix wins again!

Woohoo! It seems Team Phoenix is tough to beat. Congratulations to the rematch champions! And who knows, another rematch could be in …

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Aluminum Casting a Neuron

When you spend your days and nights looking at the beautifully intricate branches of neurons, sometimes it’s nice to take a break …