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Garden of Eyewire: Awards

The garden gates have now shut, and we hope that you’ll treasure the memories of the beauty within, plus all the botanical …

ferns, Eyewire, citizen science, public domain, greenery

Garden of Eyewire: Trivia

If you’re playing 20 Questions and you always answer “animal, vegetable, or mineral?” with “vegetable,” this might be the event for you. …

fractal trees, public domain, Eyewire, citizen science, fractal geometry, computer generated fractal

Garden of Eyewire: Fractal Hunt

Why do neurons have dendrites, anyway? How do dendrites get that name? Well, dendrite comes from a Greek root for “tree.” You …

Garden of Eyewire, Brax, Nurro, eyewire, citizen science, botany, Daniela Gamba

Enter the Garden of Eyewire!

There is nothing in the world like stepping into a lush, serene garden that cocoons you in beautiful flowers and tall trees. …