Coffee vs. Tea: The Rematch!

Eyewire, citizen science, tea, coffee

It’s another VS rematch from Eyewire days gone by! Starting at 11 AM EST on 12/27 and going for 24 hours, we’re revisiting something warm and cozy for the holiday season: what else but Coffee vs. Tea? Last time, Team Tea triumphed, but perhaps this time Team Coffee will have a (turbo) shot. Choose your team wisely:


  • Name originates from Italian caffè, which in turn comes from Ottoman Turkish kahve
  • When made as espresso, there is indeed more caffeine by volume, but espresso shots are so small compared to a cup of joe— you actually shouldn’t notice much difference!
  • Favored caffeinated beverage of @devonjones, who takes it “black as midnight on a moonless night”


  • Name originates from Dutch thee, an approximation of Min Chinese te
  • Tea is so popular that its annual global consumption exceeds coffee, hot chocolate, soda, and alcohol combined!
  • Favored caffeinated beverage of @sorek.m, who prefers [?], and of @celiad, who prefers rooibos or chai

All point bonus info is available through your competition notification on For science!

Artwork by Rabbit Giraud