Cell Complete, New Neuron, Challenge Winners + Geek Week Games in EyeWire

Congratulations, EyeWirers! You’ve completed Mystery Cell 7. We’ve just added a new neuron, Mystery Cell 8. Check it out on EyeWire.org!

Mystery Cell 8 EyeWire



Join us aug 4 – 10 for a series of great events including Google Hangouts on Tuesday and Thursday, release of new animations and of course the Geek Week Games. For the first time since the EyeWire Games, we’re giving away naming rights to neurons. Learn more on the blog.

Friday Challenge Accuracy Winners

Congrats to @jinbean for winning our 7/26 Friday Challenge Accuracy Division. She rakes in a bonus of 5,812 points. Also a belated congrats to @a5hm0r who won the Accuracy Division on 7/19, claiming a bonus of 25,012 points.

Finally a huge shoutout to both @a5hm0r and @jinbean for getting to 3 MILLION and 2 MILLION points today, respectively!  Below is a little thank you from the lab. As always, thanks for playing and we’ll see you online at EyeWire.org

a5hm0r 3 million points congrats eyewire


jinbean 2 million points congrats eyewire

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