Announcing Scouts and Scythes

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Greetings All.

The GrimReaper has been noticing some strange happenings lately.  Several of our Eyewire players have exhibited excellent tracing skills, and almost supernaturally good eyesight when spotting errors and mergers.  The GrimReaper is beginning to wonder if certain EyeWirers have gotten into his batch of special Merger Elimination Elixir, how else can this phenomenon be explained?  If the the culprit(s) are found, there is an extra slimy spot below the floor of a certain lair waiting for them.  However, until sufficient evidence can be acquired, the GrimReaper would like to reward you unnaturally well-skilled players with two new advanced levels on Eyewire – Scouts and Scythes.


A Scout unlocks a new overview, featuring heatmaps and allowing you to choose any cube in a cell and inspect it.  If there is a merger or error in the cube, the scout can flag the cube for review, which highlights the area in question in yellow in the overview. This flag alerts scythes, admins, or even GrimReaper himself to check out the problem.

To be promoted to the rank of noble Scout, you must be an active member of the community and maintain high accuracy.

Your color in chat is turquoise.


A Scythe has EyeWire superpowers – they are Top Ranked players in EyeWire. Scythes can choose any cube for inspection, enter the cube and perform any necessary reaping, and submit those changes.  Scythes have the responsibility to assist in removing mergers and finding extensions.

Normal players have weight 1 in EyeWire. When scything, Scythes have weight 2. This allows them to edit the cell, correcting mistakes and extending stuck branches.

To be promoted to the order of the Scythe, you must be an active member of the community with experience as a Scout and show initiative in finding correct extensions and origin points of mergers.  In addition, earning a high score in our upcoming merger hunting challenge will help in your promotion.

Your color in chat is glowing turquoise.

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Full Scout and Scythe details may be found on the EyeWIre Wiki.

A Final Announcement

Faithful Scouts who have declared their allegiance to the GrimReaper over this past year have been promoted to Scythes.

Our first class of Scythes are:














This means that we will need a new crop of Scouts.  Do well in the Hunt: II and you’ll be promoted.

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