Scouts and Scythes: What Are They?

You may have heard talk of Scouts and Scythes in the Eyewire chat, and now you want to know more.  Well you’ve come to the right place my friend!

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Below we’ll give you a short explanation of the duties of each of these high ranking player types in Eyewire, and let you know how you can achieve Scout and Scythe status yourself!


After you become an Advanced Player, you can be promoted to Scout.  Scouts are sometimes known as “Junior Scythes.”

  • You can now choose any cube in a cell and inspect it. If there’s an error in the cube, you can flag the cube for review. This alerts Scythes or admins to check out the problem.
  • You have access to two new toolbars – a Scout’s Toolbox and the Scouts’ Log.  The Toolbox allows you to inspect and flag cubes, while the Scouts’ Log is where you’ll alert Scythes and Admins to any problem cubes that you find.
  • You receive 50 points for each cube flagged. Beware overzealous flagging! You don’t want to court the wrath of the Grim Reaper.
  • Your new chat color is turquoise.


Once players have learned the ropes of Scouting they can be promoted to the Order of the Scythe.  Scythes can make changes on problem cubes and declare cubes complete.

  • When inspecting a cube, you can make changes to the consensus, either to remove mergers or to add missing segments. Submitting these changes is what we call “scything” or “reaping,” named for the fact that removing a merger makes it wither and die in the cell overview.
  • Your Scouts’ Log will remain the same but you will have an upgraded Scythe’s Toolbox, with tools for completing cubes.
  • You receive 30 points per each cube that has been scythed with no changes. You receive 150 points per cube that has been submitted with correctional changes.
  • Your new chat color is glowing turquoise.

How to become a Scout or Scythe

To be promoted to Scout or Scythe you:

  • Have been active on Eyewire for at least 1 month
  • Have at least earned 50,000 points and completed 500 cubes
  • Maintain at least 90% accuracy overall
  • Participate in the Eyewire community through chat, forums, email, etc.

To be promoted to Scythe you:

  • Have achieved all of the above plus —
  • Have been actively flagging as a Scout

If you think you’re ready to take a step up in the Eyewire community, request a promotion here.

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