2 Years Mapping the Brain

Two years ago today, EyeWire launched with J Day. Celebrate with Double Points on Dec 10, 2014. Deets here. We’ve also added new and greater achievements for you to earn! Click your username to check it out.

A few flashback stats:

Since EyeWire launched, we’ve grown to over 165,000 players from 145 countries. Together, you have completed over 3.9 MILLION cubes.

In the past year alone, we’ve mapped 170 neurons!

We have a new All-Time Top Scoring Player (Nseraf) and 3 players with over 10M points (twister2, a5hm0r and Nseraf)

6 players have over 5M points and 58 players have joined the Millionaire’s Club!

Three players joined HQ (DannyS as a summer intern, Twister2 as a gamemaster and nkem as a visiting researcher/executive of epicness)

We published our first scientific finding in Nature, which you can read all about here. You helped discover how animals perceive motion. Awesomesauce.

EyeWire was featured in The New York Times, Popular Science, NPR and more. Over 200 articles in 30 languages have been written about EyeWire since we launched.

Neurons YOU mapped were featured in Times Square for an entire month! See pic below.

We’re curating the world’s first 3D printable neuron catalog with the NIH.

EyeWire teamed up with Visual.ly and FEI to create a Scale of the Brain Infographic

We won first place winner in the NSF’s National Visualization Challenge

Your discoveries, animated: check out gorgeous EyeWire neurons in this playlist.

EyeWire wouldn’t be what it is without you. We thank you wholeheartedly (or wholebrainedly) for making EyeWIre what it is.

Sara Kerens, November Midnight Moment, EyeWIre TImes Square
EyeWire Neurons in Times Square

To the Future

Here are a few things to look forward to in 2015

  • More science discoveries (and likely finding new cell types) thanks to the Countdown to Neuropia
  • Hot new in-game sounds.
  • EyeWire Mobile! Yep. We’re actually working on it.
  • API streams so that any dev anywhere can readily build bots, leaderboards, plugins and more.
  • Neurons in Virtual Reality free and available to the public
  • Better Scouting and Scythe tools

That’s all we’re allowed to talk about now 🙂

We look forward to making the next year’s discoveries with you! For Science!

EyeWire HQ

EyeWire Neurons HD


Shoutout to the Millionaires! Scores as of 12/9/2014 ar 11 pm US ET.

Nseraf    13121988

a5hm0r    10949629

twister2    10595056

galarun    7508164

susi    6167213

jinbean    6141690

jamiexq    4420493

iridium    4343972

tek50    3699880

rinda    3207836

MaraTara    3194784

aesanta1    3152823

lobusparietalis    3146529

aldof    3140823

sdunn61781    3034110

charleskoch    2923189

benficus    2472307

mamateresa    2456044

grizle    2445644

crazyman4865    2445040

sneakybaron    2386119

tiikerikani    2379699

jbinsc    2200166

marhav    2072377

Emeraldstar    2022825

ketta    2004001

nopasaran    1858290

LotteryDiscountz    1855692

damocles357    1851054

m7md    1643408

faunhaert    1640483

ronin    1619329

michellewooten    1607941

DannyS    1566102

sambob496    1529744

reb1618    1482435

dhill23    1482259

lopezlv    1460371

buco    1424425

Begonie    1402859

jax123    1382339

pkeoughan    1376784

carpwoman    1346264

vogon    1242173

b_hailey    1201733

Varppi    1194054

martinj    1166939

1sigor    1143503

eboyle23    1138915

lilmoo    1129389

toocajun    1121667

blackblues    1106409

mardim2    1081629

dereksims    1080150

dataminerstarr    1066817

lynnschlos    1062432

tunerk7    1045586

jcostantino    1017181

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