3D Print a Neuron!

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Say hello to the first ever 3D printed neuron mapped in EyeWire!

Thanks to a collaboration between NIH 3D Print, EyeWire HQ and researcher James Drake of University of Victoria, the IFLS neuron is now available as a 3D printable file! To our knowledge, this is the highest resolution neuron image ever printed.

UPDATE: Print more cells and entire brains in our new Neuroscience collection from the NIH!

The neuron above, found in the retina, plays a role in motion perception in mammals. Its axon forms part of the optic nerve. It is a mystery ganglion cell type. Only by mapping more cells in EyeWire will we discover it’s true classification. Learn more about neurons of the retina here.

Get Involved

Check out this pipeline for generating .stl files generated by James Drake. Want to create your own printable file from a neuron mapped in EyeWire? Contact us at support at eyewire dot org and we can hook you up with .obj files!

Stay tuned – a dozen more cells of varying sizes and shapes are in the works.

For science!

neuron printing with support structures, 3d print neuron
3D Printable Neuron With Support Structures


Raw 3D Printed Neuron, 3d print neuron, eyewire, eyewire neuron
Raw 3D Printed Neuron

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