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Jobs: We’re Hiring

                Build a game to map the brain. Are you a superb software developer trapped …

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A New Partnership: EyeWire and KT

Today EyeWire Founder Sebastian Seung is in Seoul, Korea, signing a Memorandum of Understanding for a new partnership between EyeWire and Korea …

Sebastian Seung in Oculus rift

Weekly EyeWire Update (3/10/2014)

This week, the EyeWire Community completed 34,610 cubes, a 22% increase from last week. Together you scored 3,680,168 points. Congrats to @a5hm0r, top player of the …

Sebastian Seung and Amy Robinson, Sebastian Seung, Amy Robinson, eyewire, newtonmas

EyeWire’s 1 Year Bday Hangout

That’s a wrap! Check out today’s hangout on air with Sebastian Seung in honor of EyeWire’s 1st birthday. We discussed discovering new …

eyewire from Forbes

EyeWire in Forbes

Over 70,000 have played the ‘Eyewire’ game that trains computers to map the brain — Forbes (@Forbes) August 20, 2013 According …

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The YouTube Geek Week Games in EyeWire

Congratulations to the Geek Week Gamers! It’s a wrap. Together, you completed 4 complete neurons (a new record!) and 53,874 cubes. During the Geek …