Weekly EyeWire Update (3/10/2014)

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This week, the EyeWire Community completed 34,610 cubes, a 22% increase from last week. Together you scored 3,680,168 points. Congrats to @a5hm0r, top player of the week with 403,855 points and 3,577 cubes! Wow!

We welcomed 825 new players to the EyeWire community from 41 different countries.

Sebastian Seung in Oculus rift, Oculus Rift, Sebastian Seung, MIT, EyeWIre



This Week at HQ

We’re in the final sprint preparing a virtual reality exhibit for TED2014. It’s pretty amazing to fly through neuron branches, as the image above of Sebastian demonstrates. The demo will go online as a part of World Wide Telescope after TED.  We can’t wait to share it with you.

EyeWire overview was down over the weekend but it’s now back up! We continue the pause a of new feature deployment to focus on site stability and bug fixes.

Alex has been working on a gorgeous new series of EyeWire posters. More will go online soon!

We’ll see you online at EyeWire.org

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