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Nseraf's Hunt Map, eyewire, neuron map

Time Travel: Hunt Results

  With a bit of time traveling seemingly involved, as we already solved our spacetime rift on Friday… the Hunt cell has …

EyeWire, eyewire competition, time travel, citizen science game, brain game

Time Warp: The Unraveling

  .melborp a evah ew …eriWeyE Um, oops. Sorry. Let’s try that again. EyeWire… we have a problem. The precise cause has …

spring web design

The Spring Factory

Hey EyeWirers! Alex Norton and I are working on some animation techniques for the game. You can read about how we’re performing …


New and Improved EyeWire forum!

Rejoice EyeWirers!  EyeWire’s forum is back in business and it has a shiny new coat of paint. After some posting troubles with our …

eyewire summer camp facebook

Welcome to Camp Eyewire!

Kick off your summer with Camp Eyewire!  Join your camp counselors for a summer of fun, sun, and Eyewire games! And of …