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EyeWire Neurons HD

Eyewire Release Report 7/22/2016

As detailed here, every few Fridays we’re sharing which bug fixes and tiny features our developers have released into the wild. Apart …

elf, elves, Eyewire, citizen science

A conquest by Team Elf!

The battle raged for a day and a night, and many a valiant warrior achieved renown and glory. But one banner now …

M with her pinball machine, Space Shuttle

M’s Birthday Blitz

Our admin @sorek.m is turning 27! Happy Hour bonuses are available today from 2:27 to 4:27 PM EDT, with a twist: Earn …

tornado, citizen science, Eyewire

Team Tornado wins!

Whoosh. In this furious battle of ocean life against, uh, the weather, it looks like Team Tornado has claimed victory! Congratulations, everyone …

shark, tornado, sharknado, Eyewire, citizen science

Sharks vs. Tornadoes

Hot on the heels of Shark Week and tornado season, it’s time for a super serious VS competition. We can’t possibly imagine …


Cap’n Grim’s Treasure: Promotions

Thank ye kindly, Eyewirers, fer submittin’ yer promotion requests durin’ this last competition! We’re pleased to announce our new batch o’ promotions …