Gear up for the May Scythe Marathon!

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It’s been a very merry month of May on Eyewire, and what better way to finish things off than one of our marathons? Based on the success of our first Scythe Marathon, we will be doing another one and continuing this pattern in odd-number months going ahead. For May, your 24 hours to grow and complete an entire cell will start at 8 AM EDT on 5/24!

Bonuses for Normal Play

Trace 20 cubes – 2,000 point bonus
Trace 50 cubes – 5,000 point bonus
Trace 150 cubes – 20,000 point bonus
Trace 300 cubes – 40,000 point bonus
For every 150 cubes above 300 cubes – 2,500 point bonus

Also, many of you will be eligible to rename the cell afterward, as follows:

  • Each player who traces at least 50 cubes will win the right to vote on a name for the May marathon cell.
  • Each player who traces at least 200 cubes will win the right to nominate a name for that vote.

Special Guidelines for Scythes

Full info is here on the post for our first Scythe Marathon, but just to remind you of the very basics and go over a few changes:

Bonus: Instead of 5,000 points for SCing 100 cubes, for a Scythe Marathon this reward doubles to 10,000! To maximize your possible bonus potential, we recommend that you first focus on tracing your fill and then starting your SC mission. That way the cell grows quickly and you hand yourself at least 30k or 50k total. Based on how we now have a lower tier for SCing 50 cubes on normal cells, too, on the marathon cell you can SC 50 and earn 5,000 points in turn. TLDR… on this cell, SC 50 = 5k bonus, SC 100 = 10k bonus.

Naming: Admins will be counting every 3 SC votes as 1 cube added to your cube count for naming eligibility. So, for instance, you can trace 100 cubes, SC 300 cubes, and still earn nominating rights, or achieve the same result by tracing 150 cubes and SCing 150.

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