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More about our new accuracy bars

Last Thursday we launched our new UI for accuracy. This brought a few changes, the most important being: Your ability to trailblaze …

Plexus of 11 On SACs

Countdown Bonus Cells!

Countdown Bonus Cells As many of you already know, we are extremely close to finishing the Countdown to Neuropia!  You may be …

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Connectomics Lesson Plan: EyeWire Edu

Background information Connectomics is the study of connectomes, the comprehensive maps of neuronal projections and connections. In order to understand connectomes it …

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EyeWire Edu

Hello Teachers! We’ve heard that you’re using EyeWire in your classrooms to teach students about neuroscience and citizen science, and we want …

eyewire titan wars promo poster

Titan Wars: The Final Battle!

The Elysian fields—the paradise of old. A place where the souls of those virtuous, brave, and honorable went after life. Now Elysium …


Hector is victorious!

The Fates Help Us All… Under the command of Hyperion, supreme commander of the Titan army under Cronus, Hector and his team …