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eyewire titan wars promo poster

Titan Wars: The Final Battle!

The Elysian fields—the paradise of old. A place where the souls of those virtuous, brave, and honorable went after life. Now Elysium …


Hector is victorious!

The Fates Help Us All… Under the command of Hyperion, supreme commander of the Titan army under Cronus, Hector and his team …

eyewire titan wars promo poster

Tartarus Cubes Defeated!

The Tartarus Cubes have been vanquished! The keys have been found! The Heroes of Earth survived the dungeons of Tartarus and managed …

eyewire titan wars tartarus cubes

Tartarus Cubes revealed!

Woe to us all. The Gates of Tartarus have opened. From within, the Titans send forth their armies, along with all of …


Announcing the EyeWire Cup!

What seems to be a hot topic among our Eyewirers this summer? The World Cup! With our broad player base, we clearly …

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Awesome Neuron Image

GLORIOUS. Gamers helped map these neurons by playing EyeWire.   Credit: Alex Norton, EyeWire, Seung Lab, MIT