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Awesome Neuron Image

GLORIOUS. Gamers helped map these neurons by playing EyeWire.   Credit: Alex Norton, EyeWire, Seung Lab, MIT

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EyeWire’s 1st Birthday!

Today is EyeWire‘s First Birthday!! And the best bday present ever just happened:  we reached 100,000 players!! It’s been an amazing year! We’ve …

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EyeWire Countdown to 100K

Today is the final day of Revenge of IFLS on EyeWire. It’s also the beginning of our countdown to 100,000 EyeWirers. EyeWire’s one …

EyeWire Player Survey

Take the EyeWire Player Survey

EyeWire is preparing a paper for a leading peer-reviewed journal and one thing is missing: YOU! Represent! After all, none of this would be …

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How to get Better at EyeWire

Click your username in the top right corner of EyeWire to bring up your profile and reveal your accuracy. Your accuracy is called …

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There has been a lot of talk about F-scores in the chat recently. F-scores are a statistical method for determining accuracy accounting …