Retiring Eyewire’s Sponsored Promotions

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Happy Friday, Eyewirers! As you may be aware, Fridays are when we traditionally promote players to new roles — whether through open promotions on the last Friday of the month, or through sponsored promotions on any given Friday. Since 2016, sponsored promotions have been a way for your fellow players to recommend you to the role of Scout, Scythe, or Mentor, without waiting for HQ to approve your open promotion. And over the last five years, we’ve definitely seen quite a few players enter Eyewire’s upper ranks by this method!

For this, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s taken the initiative to sponsor their fellow players, giving us that direct vote of confidence and helping to train newly promoted players yourselves. Your assistance has not gone unnoticed!

Nevertheless, over the last year or so, HQ has only received a tiny handful of promotion sponsorships, and it appears that the monthly open promotion system has become by far the most popular method for achieving all advanced player roles. For the foreseeable future, we will therefore be retiring sponsored promotions as a worthy experiment that has since run its course. After GMs do a final review of the promotion sponsorship sheet today (January 7th), we will promote any last-minute fully sponsored roles after Happy Hour but then discontinue checking the sheet; and the sheet will no longer be linked on Eyewire.

Once again, we appreciate all players who have stepped up as sponsors in the past! For science!