Eyewire Competition Updates for 2022

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Happy 2022, Eyewirers! As we enter this new year, HQ is sharing a few updates we’ve planned for our routine competition schedule. We made our last update in 2020, and although we’re going to follow a relatively similar pattern going forward, there will be just enough small adjustments that we should recap those for you as follows!

VS & Marathon Schedule

During “off months” (months with neither a challenge week nor a bracket tournament) we are going to alternate between a Marathon or VS event, and either event will take place during the last week of the month.

Within that week, note that a VS will still run Monday-Wednesday, and a Marathon will still run Wednesday-Thursday. Marathon start times will remain variable; check your notifications and the blog to be sure you don’t miss the right window!

Here is the planned rotation of month-end events:

  • January – Marathon
  • February – Challenge Week
  • March – VS
  • April – Marathon
  • May – Challenge Week
  • June – VS
  • July – Marathon
  • August – Challenge Week
  • September – VS
  • October – Marathon
  • October thru December – Year-End Bracket Tournament

What to Expect for Other Competition Events

Accuracy Happy Hours will continue on an identical schedule to 2020-2021, i.e. they will kick off challenge weeks and otherwise generally occur on the second to last Thursday + Friday of every other month, January-October.

However, we’re going to simplify Happy Hour naming conventions by renaming all regular (non-accuracy) Happy Hour events to a uniform “Happy Hour.” In other words, Happy Hour 180 and HH3 are just going to be called Happy Hour as well, although their time slots will not change.

Evil Cubes have only occurred once since we instituted their new format, but the GMs are still accepting cube submissions for a future Evil Cubes event. Remember you can submit a cube for consideration here.


We regret to announce that at long last, HQ must suspend swag prizes for 2022’s competitions. Players will still earn badges and bonuses for all events, but no physical items. Although we’ve enjoyed raining swag goodies on many of you over the years, and although an extremely generous donation from our departed player @susi has enabled the most recent giveaways — our budget capabilities currently lie elsewhere. Please note that this does not mean we will never offer swag again! It’s just more likely that swag will be available on a future platform such as Pyr.


As usual, if you have any questions or concerns about these new developments, please feel free to contact the GMs either in chat or by e-mailing support@eyewire.org. We’re making competition alterations to better accommodate various research needs, but we intend to still offer the same quality of engagement and likewise present Eyewirers with some brand new experiences over the months to come!