You knew it was coming: it’s time to get spooky bonuses.


Were you expecting Happy Hour?


I think you mean… Spooky Hour?



Grim has decreed something even more bone-chillingly excellent than a Spooky Hour. Think… Spooky Day.

That’s right, everyone. Starting at 10 AM EDT on 10/30, right when the October marathon finishes, HQ is turning the spooky up to 11 and running it for 24 hours. Expect the regular Happy Hour tiers; they’re just going to run for longer than the standard time.

Earn 1,000 points – 500 point bonus
Earn 2,500 points – 1,000 point bonus
Earn 5,000 points – 2,500 point bonus
Every 2,000 points after 5,000 – 500 point bonus
Like any HH, the player with the highest base score will have half of that score added on, as another bonus.

We hope to see you tracing for your frighteningly good bonuses, and remember: during our Spooky Day, at 2:00 PM EDT we’ll be awarding our Halloween Costume Contest!

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