Wild World of Weather: Trivia

Eyewire, citizen science, Nurro, Daniela Gamba, Wild World of Weather, meteorology

Are you already an amateur meteorologist? Do you have a passion for weather and climate? Now is your time to shine on Eyewire. Show us what you know, and this knowledge will be rewarded with points galore! As always, besides our themed questions, you will also have a chance to answer questions about neuroscience, other sciences, and facts about Eyewire itself.

Trivia How-To: The bot will start firing off questions at 11:00 AM EST on 2/21 and continue until 11:00 AM EST on 2/23, at which point things will finish with a power hour till noon. Submit your answers by typing them into the chat box. Optional: you may submit answers privately by messaging @inquizitor if you do not want other players to see your responses. To do this, type /pm inquizitor before your message.

Swag (made possible by generous donations from our past player @susi): The top scoring player will win their choice of face mask or notebook, plus their choice of sticker or magnet! Second and third place will each also win their choice of sticker or magnet.

Bonus info is available in your in-game notifications. Good luck!

Artwork by Daniela Gamba