Which languages, database and visualization engines does EyeWire use?

Clément Renaud asks a technical question about EyeWire on Quora. Matt Balkam, one of our developers, answers.

EyeWire Logo SquareEyeWire uses a fairly standard LAMP stack.  That is to say MySQL for the database, PHP for the server side code.  Apache doing the web serving.  And everything running on Linux.  We’ve also got a small daemon written in C++ which  interfaces with our internal data stores to serve up the tiles and meshes.  For the most part, the PHP is a pass-through though it also handles a little session data and some database stuff.  Most of the database operations are done in stored procedures.  We also use Node.js with web sockets for live updates and chat.

Client side, we are using a lot of HTML5, CSS, and javascript with WebGL.  We use three.js to do the 3d visualization.  We’ve even got a few custom shaders which do coloring of tiles and a few other various things.  We also use jquery for the dom manipulation stuff.

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