Unicorn Happy Hour

a real unicorn
Elasmotherium sibiricum

Unicorns are no longer magical mythical creatures. They’re real – we just call them rhinos. Sure, they aren’t sleek white creatures that poop rainbows.. but that doesn’t make us love them any less.

In honor of recent Russian discovery of a 29,000 year old Siberian Unicorn skull (Elasmothericum Sibericum), we’re holding a special happy hour today from 2-3 pm US ET.

Celebrate the 4 meter long, shaggy furred creature with an ode to strange science. Here’s hoping researchers continue breathing life to the stuff of legend.


  • Score over 1,000 points and win +500 bonus points.
  • Score over 2,000 points and win +1,000 bonus points.
  • Score over 4,000 points for a +2,000 point bonus.
  • Every 1,000 points over 4K is good for an additional 500 point bonus.


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