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Finally, after days of work, we believe we have found the culprit of EyeWire’s time traveling mishaps!  One of our cells has been infected by a horde of nasty mergers so catastrophic that they threaten to collapse time and space.

Help us get this cell back to its stable state before EyeWire disappears forever!  HQ has identified 12 merger branches.  You have 48 hours and 28 guesses to locate them all, between 11:00 AM EDT on 9/30 and 11:00 AM EDT on 10/2.

How to identify and report mergers

    1. Select Hunt cell from Change Cell menu. Hunt from the overview.
    2. Type /debug into chat.  This will reveal a special box with information about the cell (located above the “Start Playing” box).
    3. Use ALT+click to select the origin point of the merger you have identified.  It is a good idea to zoom in close on the merger before you select it to get the most accurate coordinates.
    4. Find the coordinates of the merger’s origin in the cell information box.  These are next to the word “center.”
    5. In the chat pm thehunt bot your coordinates.  For example /pm thehunt 5123 4321 5678.
    6. thehunt bot will let you know if you got it right or wrong and tell you how many guesses you have left.
    7. To check how many mergers you have found and to check what guesses you have submitted type /pm thehunt !list .  Thehunt bot will give you a list of all the coordinates you have guessed, and whether or not there was a merger at each set of coordinates.  A + means there was a merger there, a  means there was not a merger there.
    8. If you accidentally submit the same coordinate a second time, it does not count as two guesses.

DO NOT REVEAL YOUR COORDINATES TO OTHER PLAYERS.  DO NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF THE HUNT.  Anyone caught cheating will be automatically disqualified from the hunt and will not receive any points.

Proximity to merger start point is determined by number of voxels (1 voxel = approx. 1/250th of a cube’s width). Mergers are only counted as found if guessed within a distance of 250 voxels.



  • 1000 points for each merger found
  • An additional 7500 points for anyone who locates all 12 mergers
  • 200 point bonus available on each merger to the player whose guess is closest
  • 250 point bonus available to any player who guesses within 10 voxels of a merger


It is unlikely, but in the event you find a merger HQ did not plant on the cell, please let us know. If we verify it, then we will award you 1000 points. Any “extra” merger will not count towards your total number of mergers found in the competition.

Pieces of dust floating in space don’t count as mergers, so don’t report them!

This is not a merger!


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