The Starburst Challenge is Back — in Private Beta

Starburst Amacrine Cell mapped in EyeWire

The Starburst Challenge is back — in private beta.

Last week EyeWire launched the Starburst Challenge. It lasted less than 48 hours before internal bugs forced us to temporarily suspend it in order to troubleshoot.  This time we launch in private beta, inviting the 61 EyeWirers invited to help us test EyeWire Level 2 before we roll it out to the whole community.

The private beta will last approximately one week. We plan to relaunch a global Starburst Challenge on or around Thursday, March 28. During the private beta, we will closely monitor starburst progress, accuracy and the system itself. Progress made by our beta testers will count toward overall EyeWire progress.

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out — in the mean time, we’ll see you online at!


EyeWire HQ

PS: Congrats to the 6 players who got through the Starburst Challenge in only 12 cubes!








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