The Great Spring Creature Feature: Awards!

Following hot on the heels of our promotions post, here’s a rundown of our top players in this latest competition. Great job, everyone! You can view fuller details at this document here.

Accuracy Happy Hour

The top 5 players have won posters!

1. jax123
2. lobusparietalis
3. ronin
4. MagneticHammer
5. magret

Here is the full score rundown:

Screenshot from 2015-03-26 14:14:49

Evil Cubes

The top 5 players have won mugs!

1. LotteryDiscountz
2. susi
3. kinryuu
4. michellewooten
5. ronin

There are also 10 more mugs randomly awarded by raffle: lgrochow, hhai, m7md, eyegap, jesmith_nm, wolfryder101, martyy_plp, LindseyAB, Unclewilley, melissa0774

Finally, we are going to give mugs to the four players who helped select these Evil Cubes (Andrearwen, dataminerstarr, Emeraldstar, and ouiz). Thank you very much, folks!

Here is the full score rundown:

Screenshot from 2015-03-27 12:35:12


The top 3 players have won copies of Prof. Seung’s book Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are!

1. mam711
2. Nseraf
3. Manni_Mammut

Here is the full score rundown:

Screenshot from 2015-03-26 13:32:54

Bigfoot vs. Nessie

Bigfoot wins! Each of these players has won a poster and a sticker!

Top player, winning team: rightnet
Top player, losing team: Nseraf

All players on the winning team have also won a sticker: morenci, ronin, aluorvats, t2null, ssef0120, chiflows, Unclewilley, eyegap, fullemor, coconutO, jax123, blaxalb, sambarko, Robadd, dragonturtle, DuckyDawg55, mrcookies2


Please note that scoring was based, as in past marathons, on play during the entire 24-hour marathon period. We also experienced a bug where trailblazes were erroneously counted as distinct cubes on the leaderboard, and not all marathon participants actually registered immediately (or at all) for scoring on the leaderboard. The following information is therefore based on raw cube counts from the database (the most accurate data we can use), but we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. In the future we will be revisiting our marathon tracking/scoring system so that clearer information is available to players in real time. Meanwhile, we also want to congratulate players on the new marathon speed record!

The top 15 players have won t-shirts!

1. Nseraf
2. scoobi
3. righnet
4. cattrack
5. Aigh90
6. LotteryDiscountz
7. susi
8. ronin
9. m7md
10. wolfryder101
11. dataminerstarr
12. morenci
13. mam711
14. onechip
15. Davhornfir

All of the other players who completed 20 cubes or more have also each won a sticker: jamiexq, Manni_Mammut, lunarhyane, kinryuu, Andrearwen, eyegap, kwangyong810, aluorvats, reb1618, cschein, lobusparietalis, tunerk7, pingin, Emeraldstar, Unclewilley, ngiaopao, Bormand, dieselman2000, l711006, lopezlv, crystalhahn, ssef0120, Mereni, aesanta1, towever, double3r0, djajsl1234, elliesaysmeow, theo1977, RISINGSUN, rekrab, MarekDutka, michellewooten, kintrbr, luh1237, Atani, topspot, Lgchinadragon, martyy_plp, pistachio, wormofsand, melissa0774, bliss25, CathyK, Floralyne, schlotzer, pfenn, pkeoughan, lgrochow, wanderingstranger, jax123, mhs, ChelonianRiot, chiflows, hanami, graigrai, LynneC, duanestitt, outof, hecrod, pubcom, blaxalb, sneakybaron, andreazap, HerDug, greenleaf, moabutah, smalljude, blackblues, sdrviktor, britishclimate, tiikerikani, ginny, joelr, chlgkdus90, kloez, t2null, tschwach, fingerstyle, IgorOhrimenko, bevalorous, dragonturtle, DuckyDawg55, freesong, solange, LindseyAB, Juddric, Blarggatron, guilleelbardo, coconutO, toknow, Eunsu, picoos, skruffylooter, Devablack, brainbird, jslykhouse, ross_bales, pungnibi, hank78, angie12321, redsoxwy, pepelino, mmcdermott55, hhai, lotus98, renate, twister2, urs, kaustubhmani14, fidel, 1sigor

Screenshot from 2015-03-27 13:00:37

All Participants

Here are our additional raffle winners!

Sunnyway (poster)
blaxalb (poster)
hhai (poster)
angie12321 (book)
pistachio (mug)
greenleaf (mug)
IcyCuber (mug)
morenci (mug)
Rattus (mug)
aluorvats (t-shirt)
kinryuu (t-shirt)
tschwach (t-shirt)
chiflows (t-shirt)
tryffyd (t-shirt)

And a big thank you to ALL who earned their Participation Badge:

Screenshot from 2015-03-27 13:25:18

Swag winners: Please review EyeWire’s Competition Swag Policy. We will be contacting you via e-mail to obtain addresses and other information for sending you your prizes. If your e-mail address is not on file with us or you registered with a Facebook account, please contact us at (Right now, we lack addresses for users Blarggatron, Juddric, and towever. Please contact us!) Congratulations!

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