The EyeWire Games: Day 6

We’re less than 48 hours away from the conclusion of The EyeWire Games, ending Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST. Facebook holds the lead by over 200 cubes with more than a day to go.

During The EyeWire Games, players have broken all records. Since Wednesday at 2 pm, players have mapped over 55,000 cubes and collectively spend 500 hours every day contributing to neuroscience research.  Spectacular!

500 hrs collectively spent each day on eyewire

Now it’s time for our teams to meet their leaders!

Today’s Top Player is @vipersrt3g of Team Facebook who leads his team’s quest for victory.

Team Leaders 2.19

Today, 8 out of 10 of our Top Players come from Team Facebook while Reddit drops off the board.  

EyeWire leaderboard 2.19

Fight for your team at

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