The EyeWire Games: Day 5

EyeWire Admin Screenshot OverviewDay 5 of the EyeWire games is complete! We’re still having some issues with the spawner, making the real-time team leaderboard ballpark cube count inaccurate. But fear not, the devs are on it and no data is lost. Keep playing as all progress counts toward your team.

Team Facebook traced 600 cubes overnight! That’s more than Team Google+ has completed during the entire EyeWire Games!

But Team Facebook, watch out..Team X is only 300 cubes behind and has surged ahead of Reddit by 290 cubes.

Leaderboard 2.18

Teams, meet your leaders!  Today’s Top EyeWirer, @cad19 who scores over 30,000 points, also comes from Team Facebook. Way to hold the lead!

EyeWIre Team Leaders

The EyeWire Top 10:

EyeWire Top 10 2.18

Fight on for your team at!


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