The EyeWire Games: Day 3

The EyeWire Games, a week-long competition challenging 5 teams (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ and Team X for veterans) to map the 3D structure of neurons, are in full force. Teams are spitting out cubes at a rates we’ve never seen in a race to win the right to choose a name for a neuron.

Here are the daily stats:

Facebook holds the lead..but only by 20 cubes! UpdateNote that we detected a large merger on Team Reddit’s window — when those cells were put on pause, Team X moved into 2nd place!

EyeWire Leaderboard 2.16


Teams, meet your leaders:

team leaders eyewire 2.16

The EyeWire Top 10

Top EyeWirer goes to @roditg of Team Reddit who scored a staggaring 33,200 points, earning him a spot on EyeWire’s All-Time top 10 scoring players.

Team Facebook and Team X each have 3 players on the Top 10, while 2 people from Team Reddit and one Google+er round out the lead.

The EyeWire Top 10 1.16


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