The EyeWire Games: Day 2

We’re now 48 hours into The EyeWire Games. By the numbers:

EyeWIre 95 countriesOver 7,000 new players from 95 countries have joined EyeWire in the past 24h. This brings our total number of players to over 31,000 people.

Which team will win the right to name a neuron?

Nearly 5,000 people have declared their allegiance, with Reddit in the lead at 2,536 declared players.  Declaration isn’t everything, though, as you can see in the chart below. When we compare allegiance with actual gameplay, the numbers change significantly. For example, Team Twitter had a slight 1% of total declarations at 66 players while their team members represents 25% of actual game players.

EyeWire Declarations vs Actual Players

Neuron volume is the metric for world domination — that is, winning The EyeWire Games.  The number of cubes spawned per team is a close indicator of this volume and is therefore useful to estimate progress. You can calculate this number at any time by clicking “change cell” and adding “Current size” of your team’s active and completed cubes.

After 48 hours, it appears that Team Facebook is in the lead, having mapped 784 cubes.

Team Leaderboard | EyeWire Day 2

Congrats to the Top Player For each Team!

@Andrewb, Team Facebook’s Top EyeWirer, is also today’s top scoring overall EyeWirer.

Top EyeWirers Games Day 2


7 of the day’s Top 10 Players come from Team Facebook. Another two from Reddit and one player from Team X made the leaderboard. Check out their scores below.

Top 10 Players EyeWire



Play on!




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