Tartarus Cubes revealed!

eyewire titan wars tartarus cubes

Woe to us all.

The Gates of Tartarus have opened. From within, the Titans send forth their armies, along with all of their hatred and malice for humankind.

Their goal, you ask? Release from their eternal prison, and vengeance against the gods of Olympus and humanity—but above all else, they seek revenge on  Zeus for condemning them to the deepest level of Hades in perpetual suffering.

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Olympus does not stand idle, though.


In response, Zeus has decreed that Ares prepare the armies of Olympus to march to the gates of Elysium. Humanity must stand with the Olympians against their common foe.

Those who dare to venture into Tartarus, the realm of the underworld, must extend 12 branching bridges and recover the keys to the gates of Elysium. If the Titans are allowed to maintain possession of the keys, all hope is lost.

Not all who descend into Tartarus will make it back but glory awaits those that do.

Steps to take:
  1. Locate the cell called “Tartarus Cubes” by clicking the “Change Cell” button
  2. Extend all 12 neural bridges destroyed by the Titans.
  3. HQ will look at your work and let you know if you were able to properly extend the bridges of Tartarus.

***DON’T skip cubes!  You cannot return to a cube if you skip it!


Zeus wants the keys found. HQ is giving out some big rewards for whoever does the best job extending the bridges of Tartarus and helps find the keys.

1st Place – 8,000 points

2nd Place – 5,000 points

3rd Place – 3,000 points

1,000 points for everyone brave enough to complete all 12 cubes.

You have from Thursday 1/15/2015 at 11:00 AM EST to Monday 1/19/2015 at 11:00 AM EST to find the keys!  After that it will most certainly be too late!

At 11 AM on 1/19/2015 we will post the answers to these cubes.  At this time we will also tell you what your accuracy was.  Rewards will be reaped at 4:00 PM on 1/23/2015.

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